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Morning all,

Don’t forget tonight there are no formal sessions as it’s our ‘Run and Talk’ session. We do these once or twice a year and it’s to promote and support mental health.

There will be a 3 mile and a 5 mile run. I have to stress these are social runs and should not be run at at a fast pace. I would advise to not come tonight if you were planning on running fast as the likelihood is you’ll be on your own.

Both runs will have multiple coaches in to keep an eye on things and the 5 mile run will set off 5 minutes before the 3 mile run so that not everyone is setting off at the same time.

Afterwards it’s free tea and coffee in the clubhouse and as always .. biscuit donations are more than welcome.
(Kevin Dove I hope you’re bringing some goodies again like last time as them caramel slices were something else?)

Thanks and hope to see many of you there!

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