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The holiday weekend allowed Striders to travel afar whilst the weather in Stockton did not rein the numbers back too much.

The 100 club welcomed its newest Strider member as Matthew Carling completed his century run at York.

Elsewhere, Striders at Milton Keynes, Catterick, Ayr, Sedgefield, Redcar, Stewart Park, Tees Barrage, Hartlepool, Albert Park, Crichton, Tonbridge and Fell foot.

A few PBs to mention; Fiona Shaw at Ayr, Karen Clarke at Sedgefield and yet more PBs for both Tony Gallilee and Jason Pattison at Redcar and Tees Barrage respectively.

It’s not a race but….

First three women finishers at Tees Barrage and second male at Hartlepool – Striders all!

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